After having made a survey on the different platform of web based course available on the net, we saw that none of them were offering ECTS recognition. This fact is easy to understand as we know that each institution provides their pedagogical courses and use a bilateral agreement to recognize external one. In the framework of ELLEIEC project we want to give access to some International Module (IM: web based or intensive training classroom course) already used in some existing bilateral agreement and promote their use ensuring ECTS recognition within an International Curricula Network (ICN) via the ELLEIEC project.

Definition: The ICN is a set of Curricula and courses Provider related to the same field and cooperating in a multi-lateral agreement with full ECTS recognition.

- The curricula entity in the ICN will certificate the number of credit attributed to the IM course offer by the provider body for it’s own degree,
- The provider entity is the owner of the IM used in the ICN, it is its prerogative to fix the condition for joining his course. The IM could be reached as a simple link in ELLEIEC website or implemented in the ELLEIEC IM database (depending of the owner). Thank you.