An ICN is a set of European High Education Institutions having a degree in the same field and at the same level. Through ELLEIEC TN, they have decided to promote their courses in the lifelong learning spirit in a common referenced courses database. The database is using the following keywords for a searching request: Scientific domain, Competence, Skill, degree or Job profile. These different possibilities will allow you to find the right courses or degrees with respect to your selected keywords.
By entering an ICN you will filter your research to the related ICN field, Benefits for users are:
- If you are student from secondary school, you can learn and plan your education path (Use the Job profile by picture Search),
- If you are student from University, you can find an opportunity for mobility within the International degrees partners (Use the International Modules or Degree Search),
- If you are individual or employee you will find an institution providing you Expert course in the lifelong learning spirit (Use the International Modules or Job profile Search).

ELLEIEC Project Beta Test version of ICN Network Experiment. Please choose one of the following demontration of ICN.

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